Really, Really, Really, Interactive Magic Trick

It’s Thursday which means it’s time for a BRAND NEW interactive magic trick! This week I have taken inspiration from Juan Tamariz’s interactive card trick which he entitles ‘The Impossible in Your Hands’. Here is my interpretation and presentation of this very clever interactive magic trick & card trick combined.

My personal thoughts are that this is a very deceptive and impressive interactive magic trick. Below are a list of what I expect to be the good points and bad points.

Good Points:
– It is interactive
– It is strong magic
– The magic trick happens in the hands of the audience
– It can be performed live, on radio, TV or internet, even in writing or over the telephone.

Bad points
– The spectator needs props
– The spectator needs to listen very careful to instructions.

To conclude I feel that those participants that take the time to get the props and listen carefully to the instructions will experience something mind blowing. However because of the need for props and the need to listen carefully to instructions some viewers may choose not to participate at all.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts 🙂



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