Ali Bongo style! Whoop, whoop whoop whoop, Ali Bongo style!

Any magicians reading this will know there are three things going on here. However I can not talk about two of them without revealing the method of the illusion. So we will skip to ‘thing’ number three.

‘Thing Number Three’ – I use to have dinner on Mondays with the late Ali Bongo after Magic Circle meetings. He was obviously a great magician and played a massive part in the career of British television magician Paul Daniels. If you ever listened to Ali Speak or attended any of his lectures you will remember that Ali had a very specific tip when selecting a card, a tip that Paul Daniels used nearly every time he had a card picked on TV. Ali was kind enough to pass this tip on to me and I have utilised it in this routine.

I hope you enjoy it 🙂


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