Here is an interactive mind reading effect I have performed for years, I have used this trick since the days when I used to perform ‘Magic on the Wireless’ monthly on the local BBC Radio networks.

I am unsure where the original ‘effect’ or ‘method’ came from.

My thoughts on the routine are this… If a novice magician/mentalist performs this effect the audience are left with the feeling that its a bit naff (‘naff’ what a poor adjective!, but it seems to work well in this instance. I hate using ‘poor’ to describe things too, this could go on all day!).

However…. when a professional (by this I mean somebody who is expected to be good and is all ready assumed to have some skill) performs this effect, the audience think it’s great.

I think this is because as a professional people will be assuming that you have studied techniques in influencing or from a clairvoyants point of view, they might just believe they can read minds!

Either way I have performed this effect on the radio on many occasions and have received great results and rave reviews with it.

You can watch more of my interactive magic tricks at my YouTube channel:

Thanks for reading again 🙂


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