What is an ‘Interactive Magic Trick’?


So that’s me! I’m Sean Heydon and I’m a professional magician (it felt like a confession saying that!). I study all types of magic, but I perform comedy stage magic and sleight of hand close up magic for a living.

I’m currently studying ‘Interactive Magic Tricks’.

What do I mean by ‘Interactive Magic Trick’? The term ‘interactive’ means that the audience must be able to interact with the magician, but I am not talking about a face to face situation such as a close up magician approaching your table in a bar. I am talking about the performance of a magic trick on the television, internet or radio where the person at home can interact with the recorded content.

In each of the following blog postings I aim to video myself performing an interactive magic trick which will hopefully amaze you, the reader! For those magicians who will be reading this, I will also post some history of the trick, but will not talk about the method.


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